You can repay your loan online, straight from your personal cabinet with a bank card. Or you can choose any closest bank outlet and pay by the following requisites: LLC NextFin, JSC CB "PRIVATBANK", USR 42273148, Bank Cоde 320649, Acc.No 26501052600994.

You can postpone your loan payment for 30 days by paying us interest for the days that you already have used the loan. You can find the amount you have to pay in your personal cabinet.

You can always find all actual information about loan payment or postpone amount in your private cabinet.

Yes, you can. You can always find all actual information about the loan payment or postpone the loan payment  in your private cabinet.

Payment depends on amount of credit and quantity of days for whcih you plan to make the transfer of date. Details of the price for transfer will be displayed in your personal cabinet on swizo.com.ua

If the date of payment of credit is transferred - the penalty will be written off and will not be calculated until the new date of payment. But if the credit is not paid on the new date - the penalty will be calculated over again.

Available period of transfer of date of payment depends on term of credit and quantity of days during which you already use the credit. Available terms are indicated in your Private Cabinet on website swizo.com.ua

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